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I have mentored several student interpreters over my career and am always willing to give back to the profession of interpreting by helping other interpreters become the best that they can be.

My philosophy regarding mentoring is that of guided self-discovery and development. I believe any one can tell another person what to do but to help the individual discover for themselves results in lessons that stay with the person and make a more profound impact. Neurobiological research on learning guides my mentoring approach.


I provide diagnostic feedback to any interpreter who wishes to have a frank and detailed examination of their work.  A video of interpreting into either (preferably both) language is all that is needed.

Bryon K. Rowe
Nationally certified Sign Language and English Interpreter,  Workshop Presenter

     I began learning Sign Language from my older Deaf cousin. He taught me much more than Sign Language. My Cousin taught me that you can communicate anything if you just have imagination and patience.  He never fingerspelled to me just mimed and signed until I understood.

     In 1981 I began formal training in ASL and  Interpreting.  I did what most people with Deaf family members do; I “interpreted” in informal situations without knowing what I was doing. 

     I have been interpreting full time since 1992. I have interpreted within religious, educational (pre-school to PHD level), medical, and community based settings.

      I interpreted in various locals; Pennsylvania, Washington DC, NYC and New Jersey.

     On My first attempt at RID testing, I took and passed the RID Written test in December 1999, then the Certificate of Interpreting in October 2001, then the Certificate of Transliterating in November 2001, then the RID/NAD National Interpreter Certification in November 2008, I also sat for the Educational Interpreters Performance Assessment receiving a level of 5.00 in 2000.
     I have been an active member of professional organizations; RID, NAD, PCRID, PARID, PSAD, Metro NYCRID, NJRID, NJAD



I learnt a lot about educating people from my experience as a pre-school teacher. 

I believe every person can learn and has valuable insights

to share.

The workshops I used to present were designed to encourage participants to explore, experiment, question, and share.



After 9-11-01 I was inspired to research signs for other countries to be able to better interpret conversations relating to the Middle East. The research developed into a workshop and spurred further research.

Workshops I formerly presented focused on how to apply research to the practice profession of interpreting.  Novel ASL vocabulary and the use of the novel vocabulary.


Each workshop I taught is the result of extensive research utilizing current findings in; linguistics of both ASL and English, Neurobiology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science and History.


I attended Pastoral training thought Samaritan College Los Angeles CA in 1986-1988

I was guest preacher for Metropolitan Community Church of the Disciples in Washington DC and Metropolitan Community Church on the Lehigh Valley in Allentown PA.

I also was a guest speaker for Advance Christian Ministries at their Texas and Pennsylvania retreats.

I was the pastor for Grace Covenant Fellowship in Allentown PA from 1991 to 1997


I was traind as a pre-school teacher through the Early Childhood Education Program of VA 1984 - 1986

I was an assistan teacher for Head Start in Elizabethtown PA and Quakertown PA

I taught in pre-schools in Annandale VA 1984-1988, Easton PA 1988-1990, Allentown PA 1990-1992

I taught ages from 6 months old to Elementary School ages in an after school program. The most time spent teaching 4 year olds.


I became interested in nursing when I was young from my mothers experience as a nurses aid and while caring for my grandmother. I became a certified nurses aid through Heatherbank Nursing Facility in Columbia PA in 1981.

I continued to work as a nursing aid for 4 years. I contemplated becoming an RN but the opportunities never opened up for me.  When I began interpreting one of the first college courses I interpreted was medical terminology for a student becoming a medical transcriptionist.  Through my love of science including biology I have kept myself abreast of the new findings, technologies, medications, treatments, and procedures in the medical field.


While I had full time employment I usually had part time work at the same time. At one time I was working 68 hours a week.  Some of the jobs I had include: newspaper processing, gas station attendant, cook, dishwasher, bus person, waiter, bartender, resident advisor for a group home for Deaf people. This wide variety of employment gave me a multitude of experiences that provided me with invaluable knowledge I can apply to interpreting.

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