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           This page is an interpreter community resource-sharing page.  All Sign Language / English interpreters are encouraged to take advantage of the resources posted on this page and to leave comments on resources.

          The next page entitled “Topic Videos for skill developement” contains resources I have developed or I have personally reviewed for validity.

          The second page entitled “Store” contains resources I have developed at considerable expense. I am happy to share them for a nominal fee.





Deaf Health webpage

Deaf Health is a great website to see Deaf people explaining medical terms and procedures in ASL.

Web MD


Web MD is a great website to get detailed medical information on specialties, illnesses, conditions, procedures, medications, almost anything medical. Also has an app.

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ASL Acquisition Common Errors

Published Apr 10 2014

Running Time: 5:28 min

ASL Linguistics

Adam Stone

Researched, signed and produced by Adam Stone. This video discusses three common ASL aquisitions errors deaf children can make. Hand shape markedness, Sympathy, Proximalization

ASL Register

Published Oct 4 2010

Running Time: 5:53 min

ASL Linguistics

GallaudetGSR103’s channel

ASL registers, also known as register variation, is a linguistic characteristic that the signer determines the choice of language use when producing Video Essays, conducting presentations, or engaging in classroom discourse.


Published Oct 4 2010

Running Time: 1:51 min

ASL video production

GallaudetGSR103's channel

This segment offers insight into the formatting of ASL videotexts in ensuring its quality and attractiveness to viewers.

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